Happy Spring 2021!

Mac, Ivy, Thelma and Louie and I hope you stayed healthy and warm over the winter.  Our diet was mostly hay, with some acorns and Christmas trees for a little variety.  Ooh - and our first beer grains - watch the video!

And now we know it's spring because the goats are shedding like mad and there are very faint signs of growth in the neighborhood.  

We hope to see you and your goat buffet this season.  We wish everyone a poison-ivy free 2021!

Welcome to Get My Goats

Natural brush clearing and poison ivy control.


Goats are an environmentally friendly and cute way to clear brush on your property.  They preferentially eat poison ivy, and enjoy cat briar and bittersweet as well.


We work as a team to clear out your problem area(s). 


Call 774-521-8745 or email to set up a site visit. 

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All you can eat buffet, Goat style
Wheelbarrows provide a nice break
Thelma climbs a tree
Red, white and blue
Baby Thelma
Mac vs. Treat Bucket
Knotweed goat buffet
Poison Ivy buffet
Grape buffet