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The End

Thank you

After 8 years of clearing acres and pounds of invasive brush, plus a hosta or two both on and off Cape Cod, I am retiring from the goatscaping business.  I want to thank everyone who has helped make goatscaping a viable option for stewarding this precious land we call home.  I am especially grateful to the early adopters, the repeat customers and those who think out of the box.  Between the goats, the brush and my wonderful customers, I have learned SO much during this time.  I wish I had started it when I was in my 20's!



Get my Goats started with the goal of providing an environmentally sound as well as super cute option to manage poison ivy and invasive brush on Cape Cod.


We started slowly and continuously improved our process, learning as we went how to deploy a team of goats and a goatherd to build an extremely effective solution in our region.


We have loved helping homeowners reclaim parts of their yards without toxins or heavy machinery. The goats have loved <most> every buffet they have been to.  It's been a wonderful journey.


Goat Grumbles,

Yeah, I'm your goat

But I'm also mine.

Sure, I'll eat your weeds, poison ivy, 

Maybe some trash,

Compost if I'm lucky

But a good goat poem?

Ahhh... like having dessert first!

Ummm... you still working on that one?

Can I have a tiny taste?

Quick lick?

A nibble like this?

Oh, sorry - it must have stuck to my tongue!

Can't seem to find it anywhere.

I'm sure you can write another.

Tell 'em about our hard working team,

How brilliant and cute we are

Especially in our Santa hats,

Stubborn and tough enough

To deal a nice head butt

To anyone trying to tell us what to do.

But no need to worry

We're bonkers for our mission

To save the planet

One succulent poem (and pricker bush) 

At a time.

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