Winter 2021 - 2022!

Mac, Ivy, Thelma and Louie and I are hunkered down for winter.  The goats grow very thick coats and it's hard for me to tell how much of their size is wool vs. fat. 

Here is a video of life on the farm in the winter - Thelma snacking on a Christmas tree in a winter wonderland while the chickens are chatting in the background.

We are considering offering goat walks on Sundays to private groups.  Contact us if you are interested.  

Happy 2022!  See you in the spring.

Ivy eating berries in the cranberry bog
Welcome to Get My Goats

Natural brush clearing and poison ivy control.


Goats are an environmentally friendly and cute way to clear brush on your property.  They preferentially eat poison ivy, and enjoy cat briar and bittersweet as well.


We work as a team to clear out your problem area(s). 


Call 774-521-8745 or email to set up a site visit. 

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All you can eat buffet, Goat style
Wheelbarrows provide a nice break
Thelma climbs a tree
Red, white and blue
Baby Thelma
Mac vs. Treat Bucket
Knotweed goat buffet
Poison Ivy buffet
Grape buffet