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Goats are not just a fun way to clear brush and control poison ivy.  They love it.  

UC Berkeley and Durham University Research


Summary - Pupil shape linked to predator / prey status 


From their Abstract published in Science Advances Magazine: 

There is a striking correlation between terrestrial species’ pupil shape and ecological niche. Species with horizontally elongated pupils are very likely to be prey and to have laterally placed eyes. Horizontally elongated pupils create sharp images of horizontal contours ahead and behind, creating a horizontally panoramic view that facilitates detection of predators from various directions and forward locomotion across uneven terrain.

UC Davis Research


Summary - Dairy goats used to clear poison oak do not transfer toxicant to milk.  


This study is the first phase in a fourstep project. The overall objective of the

project is to create a complete, low-input biological control system to control poison oak by browsing goats

BBC News - January 2015


The goats fighting America's plant invasion


" the US a new weapon has joined the armoury (against invasive plants) in recent years - the goat."


Listen to this story about the benefits of "goatscaping".


Exclusive: Behind-the-Scenes: Goat Interview


The Boston Parks Department has recently turned to a novel idea to help clear poison ivy, oak and sumac: goatscaping. The goats clear unwanted plants and as an added bonus,  make fresh fertilizer (goat excrement) back into the environment.  


Listen to Boston Public Radio interview with the Goatscaping company, including Birch & Butternut.  How, why, where - goatscaping works!

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