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Back in the Saddle (Brush) Again

On May 1, Mac and Ivy hopped into the back of the loaded up truck, stepped into the dog (now goat) crate, and we were off to our first gig of the season - English Ivy...

Ivy and Mac in the truck - Get my Goats

Would we remember what to do?

  • Me - how to set up the fence, how to lure the goats in, how to <not> shock myself once the fence was turned on. Did I bring water? A snack or two? What about my shovel? Is the Tecnu in the truck? What will the goats leave for me to clear?

  • The goats - how to munch brush.

You can guess who got up to speed the quickest. The goats were even happy to be lured into the fenced area - since they knew they would be eating leaves for the next several hours. Me? I did okay. The fence worked great. My snacks (and water) were enough. And for the first time ever, I did NOT shock myself on the fence OR fall down.

Oh happy goat gig :). Bring on the 2017 season!

Mac looking for goat treats in my bucket- Get my Goats
Ivy digesting on the fireplace - Get my Goats

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