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There's been a crime? Mystery solved.

I am busy knitting at the Falmouth Art Center and I get a text from wife Sheri along with this picture. "Um...what happened here" . My first reaction is "I don't know. I am at knitting." Then I take a closer look at the picture - it's of our driveway. The garage door is open, but that is not the question.

The mystery is the pumpkin in the middle of the driveway, on it's side. How the heck did that happen?

Get my Goats - pumpkin mystery

I am retracing my steps before leaving for knitting. Dog and goat walk. More hay. The chicken Ruth wants in with the goats, so I let her in. Wait, now Ruth wants out. I open the goat gate slightly so she can get out. And then.... I leave for knitting. I may have left the goat gate unlatched!

Sheri gets inside and turns on some lights. Ah-ha. Mac is at the back door, peering in. Yup - there is a first time for everything, so they say. First time I left the goats loose unsupervised. Sheri confirms all four are there on the back deck, hanging out on the patio furniture. She gets them back in the pen securely, all safe and sound.

In the morning daylight I check the yard to see what kind of fun they had for the 2 hours they were free. The only thing I notice is that they are not super hungry - and they are NOT telling me why.

Get my Goats - Mac at the back window
Get my Goats - 4 goats on the back deck

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