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Chicken Assist & Rooftop Dining

We encourage a happy farm here, with opportunities for enrichment for everyone.

Sheri built a chicken tunnel between the chicken and goat pens, and the chickens LOVE to hang out with the goats.

At times we will see the hens roosting on the tunnel gate, eating bugs or hair off of the goats, hanging out on the roof with Louie, or taking a dust bath in the far left corner of the goat pen.

They will sprint between the goat and chicken pens if one of us comes out to the area. Recently, the hens have taken to checking out - and maybe even assisting with - the goats "homework". Below, Knewt, Naomi, JEM and Manna are checking in on the mini-buffet that Ivy, Mac and Louie are devouring.

And we figured out a solution for Thelma, who often only gets the dregs of the homework. She started rooftop dining, and is much happier with the selection there! The hens haven't figured this out yet. I will let you know when they do.


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