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Goats Gotta Walk

Brrr. My phone says 7 degrees out, 10 at noon, which is the scheduled goat walk time.

So many smart people I invited to come on this inaugural goat walk said to let them know when we go on a warmer day. Ha! We are going any way. It's noon. It's the first Sunday of the month. The goats are bored. And kickoff isn't until 1:00pm.

Noon - Goat walk time

Luckily we have three hearty volunteer goat walkers. Yes - Sheri, Angus and Kassidy are game. At least they seem happy for a little outdoor time with us.

The goats were psyched! They have their woolly, woolly coats on. They are a little unsure of the icy road and ice on parts of the path. Their cloven hooves do not help much. Well, at all. Cloven hooves are no help at all on ice.

The best part was the berries - frozen, a little hard to reach, delicious. At least it wasn't hay.

They got to check out the hockey players, skating on the far corner of one of the bogs. The hockey players checked the goats out too. Except they thought they were llamas. Or sheep. Maybe they couldn't tell with their masks on.

We did a short lap around the bogs, running at times, mostly walking, enjoying berries and trying to head-butt Kassidy. It was FUN! Come join us next time. Even if it is only 7 degrees.

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