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It's not always just about goats

OK, I definitely admit it. The goats are the stars, the workers, the players, the entertainment, the munchers. It really <is> all about goats. Except it's not. Here are two stories that don't involve goats. At least not directly.

The Duck Parade inspecting Get my Goats

Ducks - as I pulled my truck into Anne's driveway last week, I heard an unusual bird song. Familiar, though a little out of place. And pretty load! We are used to and come to expect the wonderful sounds of birds singing while we work. This was a <little> unusual.

As I got out of my truck and started unloading the fence, I saw them - 4 ducks - crossing from the next door neighbor's yard to Anne's, checking us out. Four of them. One of me. Two goats - still in their crate in the truck.

They lingered for a little, serenading us with some quacks, inspecting the work site, seemingly telling us what to do. We hung out together for a little, then they moved on. Quack, quack.

Snapper - if you know me at all, you know I am what Fred calls a "late person". On Sunday I was rushing to our goat gig, and came upon a car on Sippewissett that was fully stopped. Ugh. Even later. Why was the car stopped? Can I pass on a single lane, windy road? I saw the BIG, dark creature in the road in front of the stopped car and knew what I had to do.

Ms. Turtle Snapper - Going - Get my Goats

I put on my flashers and hopped out to get a closer look. The big old snapper was hunkered down, a little frightened by the activity. The man who stopped before me tried nudging it with his foot. Ms. Turtle moved an inch, then hunkered down again.

In the meantime, cars coming behind me were apparently even later than I was, and passed on the other side. I quickly realized I had a few options. Wait for Ms. Turtle to finish crossing. Get back in my truck and pass as well. Or... pick Ms. Turtle up and get her to the other side. I questioned how long the turtle's neck might be - surely not long enough to reach hands that grabbed her shell. After 10 seconds of mental debate, I picked her up and got her safely to the other side in 3 seconds. No mess, no fuss.

The man in front of me gave me a high five. We each hopped into our vehicles and continued on our ways. Sure, it made me a little later. Ms. Turtle appreciated it.

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