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Sandwich Gig

Get my goats - Angus herding Mac

Mac and Ivy scored a two day gig in Sandwich, MA May 17 and 18. They worked hard, with plenty of grape vines, weeds, wild rose and some English Ivy to eat. Their first stomach expanded as they munched. They took breaks as needed. And they kept on munching even as I loaded up excess briars on a tarp to haul away.

The new homeowners wanted to reclaim parts of the yard that had been neglected for years. The area was overgrown with wild cherries, grape vines, some bittersweet and English Ivy. 2 days of goats and 1.5 people were able to control the area, making it usable for a Cape Cod meadow planting.

Below are before, during and after pictures, as well as one of the goats still working as I was ready to haul some of the invasive away.

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