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Goats on the Bogs!

Get my goats - Goats on an afternoon bog stroll

We live near the Tom Landers bogs. What a treasure! I have walked my dogs and their friends there for over a decade. Now - I am learning the joy of walking goats on the bogs. They like to come on the walks. And nibble. And run around a little. They stick much closer to me than Angus does. Or even Kassidy. Which, if you know Kassidy, is pretty amazing.

This morning they "helped" me fetch Angus off of a bog, where he was joyfully trying to munch a deceased muskrat. I leapt across the moat to fetch him and next thing I knew Mac and Ivy were on the bog too! Shhhh, don't tell anyone.

We all got home safely.

Below is my Dad and the goats on a winter walk. Believe it or not there were 4 dogs walking with us, although they were disbursed - running, sniffing and marking on their own. The goats? They stuck close by the whole time.

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